Boards and Commissions

If interested in serving on a board or commission, please fill out the applicable application below and submit it to the City Manager’s Office, 221 East Clark St., Albert Lea, MN. Boards and Commissions have 7 members and serve a 4-year term.


Airport Advisory Board

Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. as needed

The duty and responsibility of the airport advisory board is to recommend, counsel and advise the administrative officers and the council in matters relating to the operation and management of the municipal airport.

Voting members:

      • Michael Bowman, Ellendale
      • Mark Light, Albert Lea • 507-402-0794
      • Craig Ludtke, Albert Lea • 507-377-1242
      • Gerry Molkenthin, Albert Lea • 507-473-2080
      • Jerry Morstad, Albert Lea • 507-402-3954
      • Chuck Sandager, Albert Lea • 507-402-7494
      • Darren Schone, Albert Lea • 507-383-9366

Non-voting members:

      • City Councilor Robert Rasmussen, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-402-6528
      • City Engineer Steve Jahnke, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4325
      • City Engineering Assistant Jill Steinhauer, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4325
      • Airport Manager Jim Hanson, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-826-3451 Home/507-373-0608 Work

Board of Zoning Appeals

Meets when called

The board of appeals shall have the following authority and duties:
(1) Hear, decide and recommend to the council, in accordance with provisions of this division and chapter 74 pertaining to zoning, interpretation of chapter 74 and the zoning map;
(2) Administrative review of the decisions of the inspection division including, but not limited to, all matters relating to building construction;
(3) Hear and recommend the granting or denial of variances to the council.

Voting members:

      • Colby Cunningham, Albert Lea • 563-568-7981
      • Aaron Farris, Albert Lea • 507-402-3257
      • Steve Guenthner, Albert Lea • 507-373-2688
      • Matt Greibrok, Albert Lea • 507-383-0950
      • Craig Hoium, Albert Lea • 507-377-0450
      • Kristopher Moen, Albert Lea • 507-318-9100
      • 1 Opening

Non-voting members:

      • City Councilor Sherri Rasmussen, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-473-5561
      • City Planner Megan Boeck, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4330

Read about the Board of Appeals: Exceptions to the rules: Board hears appeals from builders, homeowners

Charter Commission

The commission is responsible for reviewing and revising the City Charter to make sure it meets all applicable state and federal laws, and meets the needs of Albert Lea residents. The Chief Judge of the Third Judicial District appoints members. Meets annually

Voting members:

      • Jane Kepple Johnson, Albert Lea • 507-383-5329
      • Phillip Johnson, Albert Lea • 507-402-2006
      • Ryon McCamish, Albert Lea • 507-402-0256
      • Linda Mestnik, Albert Lea • 952-297-5881
      • Marti Jones Sichko, Albert Lea • 651-341-5114
      • Chris Utz, Albert Lea • 507-402-5113
      • Jay Waltman, Albert Lea • 507-383-1383

Non-voting members:

      • City Manager Ian Rigg, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4300
      • City Clerk Daphney Maras, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4300

Heritage Preservation Commission

Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. as needed, not less than 4 times a year

The Heritage Preservation Commission was formed in 2004 with the following objectives:
1. Identify the significant structures and details required to preserve the quality of the district.
2. Provide guidance to local property owners on the historical significance of their individual properties.
3. Establish sensitive workable local design guidelines for restoration, renovation, or rehabilitation of properties with the district.

The Heritage Preservation Commission was also designated as the Certified Local Government by the National Park Service in 2005.
The commission reviews proposals for changes to downtown properties and determines if the changes are appropriate to the guidelines. If so, the commission will issue a “Certificate of Appropriateness” prior to the city issuing a building permit.

Voting members:

      • Linda Bryan, Albert Lea • 507-373-0464
      • Darin Johnson, Albert Lea • 507-402-4557
      • Stephanie Kibler, Albert Lea • 507-373-8003
      • Brad Kirchner, Albert Lea • 507-320-8787
      • Nic Lang, Albert Lea • 612-237-5818
      • Tarrah Hall Sather, Glenville • 651-402-7873
      • Tom Staker, Albert Lea • 507-373-8898

Non-voting members:

      • City Councilor Larry Baker, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea  • 507-377-1397
      • City Planner Megan Boeck, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-377-4330

Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Meets 4th Tuesday of the month, 5:30 p.m.

The mission of the Albert Lea Housing and Redevelopment Authority is to provide safe and decent affordable housing to the communities and citizens it serves. To that end it is the pledge of the agency to provide these services based upon the individual merits of the families and individuals and without consideration of their race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability or familial status. To fulfill this mission, the HRA will embrace high standards of ethics, management and accountability and will forge new partnerships and working relationships with other community organizations and local governments.

Voting members:

      • Michael Bartz, Albert Lea • 507-369-5451
      • Brad Edwin, Albert Lea • 507-402-1918
      • Linda Lares, Albert Lea
      • Gina Wadding, Albert Lea • 507-383-2493
      • City Councilor Brian J. Anderson, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-383-2117
      • City Councilor Larry Baker, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-402-6313
      • City Councilor Sherri Rasmussen, Albert Lea, • 507-473-5561

Library Advisory Board

Meets Feb., May, Aug., & Nov., the 3rd Wednesday at 5 p.m.

It is the duty and responsibility of the library board to make investigations, counsel with and advise the administrative officers and council as to the operation and management of the library.

Voting members:

      • Anna Andersen, Albert Lea • 507-402-9670
      • Jamaira Escobar, Conger • 507-391-1791
      • Heidi Gaston, Albert Lea • 507-329-1164
      • Andrew Gustafson, Albert Lea • 507-320-2573
      • Rebecca Tennis Hanson, Albert Lea • 507-391-2770
      • Cheryll Intihar, Albert Lea • 507-373-8624
      • Vicky Robson, Albert Lea • 507-391-1811

Non-voting members:

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Meets the 3rd Monday of the month at 6 p.m.

Mission: To provide quality recreational opportunities and to plan, acquire, develop and maintain quality, attractive parks and facilities that enhance the quality of life in the community of Albert Lea.

Vision: Our vision is to offer services that allow community members to experience physical, mental, and social benefits through their leisure time participation, providing opportunities for young people, adults, and senior citizens to live, grow, and develop into healthy, contributing members of our community.

The Board acts as a sounding board for the Albert Lea City Council and Parks and Recreation Department Staff for the delivery of parks and recreation services in the community of Albert Lea.

Voting members:

      • Steve Ball, Albert Lea • 507-402-1082
      • Jodi Hartman, Albert Lea • 816-820-6328
      • Amy Leach, Albert Lea • 507-391-4756
      • Kent Rahn, Albert Lea • 952-484-9929
      • Therese Salazar, Albert Lea • 507-402-1197
      • Whitney Sauer, Albert Lea • 507-402-5956
      • Tony Segura, Albert Lea • 507-213-0453

Non-voting members:

      • City Councilor Jason Howland, 221 E. Clark St., Albert Lea • 507-438-1098

Planning Commission

Meets 1st Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m./3rd Tuesday alternate date

The Planning Commission is an official advisory body the City enabled by the City Charter and Minnesota Statutes. The Planning Commission is required to adopt and maintain a comprehensive plan and may recommend official ordinances such as the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and Official Map. The Commission reviews new development proposals for subdivisions, conditional uses for certain specific land uses, and coordinates long range planning. Learn more about the Planning Commission in this story.

Voting members:

      • Wyeth Anderson, Albert Lea • 507-377-8627
      • Leon Axtman, Albert Lea • 651-491-7432
      • Jared Dawson, Albert Lea • 507-373-2557
      • Matt Dorman, Albert Lea • 612-227-7700
      • Lucas Schuster, Albert Lea • 507-210-4028
      • Steve Thompson, Albert Lea • 507-377-7013
      • Matt Maras, Albert Lea • 507-377-1616

Non-voting members:

Senior Center Board

Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3 p.m.

Voting members:

      • Sharon Gardner, Albert Lea • 507-373-4811
      • Doran W. Gray, Albert Lea • 507-391-3883
      • Stephanie Harmon, Albert Lea. • 507-481-4264
      • Richard Mucha, Albert Lea • 507-373-3301
      • Shirley Stundahl, Albert Lea • 507-383-7023
      • Frank Trotter, Albert Lea • 507-373-3301
      • 1 opening

Non-voting members: