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Hotel motel interdiction

The Albert Lea Police Department has implemented the Hotel/Motel Interdiction Project to reduce criminal activity in the city’s hotels and motels. This will be achieved through a good working relationship with area hotel/motel personnel and will enable them to assist officers by identifying and reporting suspected drug activity and other illegal activities. The Interdiction Project is designed to target those who check into area hotels and motels to use, deliver, or sell narcotics or engage in sex trafficking.

Recognizing and dealing with unwanted guests

This guide helps you identify and deal with unwanted customers or visitors involved in criminal activity at your hotel/motel.

The basics:

1. Positive identification:

  • Require photo IDs and vehicle registrations upon check-in.
    Visually check license plates.
    Verify the identity of other guests staying in the room.


2. Be alert to the indicators:


  • Arriving from high-drug-trafficking cities.
  • Paying with large amounts of cash.
  • Extending their stay day-to-day or checking out prematurely.
  • Seedy appearance with expensive clothes.
  • Evasive when asked about their stay or reason for visit.
  • No luggage or minimal luggage upon check-in.
  • Receiving frequent calls asking for room number, not name.
  • Numerous calls from specific states.
  • Not leaving the room, refusing maid service, and using “do not disturb” signs.
  • Having visitors at late/unusual hours, staying briefly.
  • Visitors arriving empty-handed but leaving with luggage.
  • Providing incorrect or fake license plates.
  • Giving false company information or no reservation.
  • Requesting specific room locations.



  • Green leafy substance or residue
  • White powder or residue
  • Sandwich bags with residues
  • Folded pieces of paper
  • Straws cut to specific lengths
  • Small mirrors
  • Razor blades with white powder
  • Large amounts of cash
  • Strange odors, like burning marijuana
  • Scales for weighing narcotics
  • Multiple cell phones
  • Strong chemical odors
  • Guests refusing room service for extended periods or specific areas
  • Guns
  • Brick-shaped packages wrapped in tape


What to do:

  1. Observe: If you suspect criminal activity, observe the indicators and refrain from taking any action other than notifying the police.
  2. Report: Call the Albert Lea Police Department at 507-377-5200 and ask for an officer.
  3. Cooperate: Remember, your cooperation is key to the success of the Hotel/Motel Interdiction Program.

Remember: Do not attempt to dismantle any suspected laboratory equipment. Immediately call 911!