Marion Ross Performing Arts Center showcases talent

The Marion Ross Performing Arts Center, 147 N. Broadway Ave., is a historic building in downtown Albert Lea. The theater has a spacious lobby, fully-equipped lighting and sound system, and projector. It seats 255 people. With an auditorium and downstairs meeting space, the theater is an ideal facility for business meetings and seminars. An elevator offers accessibility for the interior.

The City of Albert Lea owns the building while Albert Lea Community Theatre (ACT) manages the facility. ACT offers plays, concerts and other events for public enjoyment. For information on upcoming events, visit the ACT website or call 1-877-730-3144. Additional service fees will be applied to all phone and online ticket orders.

Visit the history webpage for more information on the history of the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center.

Projects will enhance theater, reduce energy use

In an April 9, 2024, referendum, Albert Lea voters approved borrowing funds for the following projects, which total $360,000. ACT has pledged $25,000 for replacing the exterior digital sign, which would lower the costs for taxpayers.

Replace front doors and windows: The current doors are difficult for people using wheelchairs and walking aids to navigate. Replacing them with doors that meet federal requirements would make the theater more accessible. The seals on the front windows are breaking and need replacement to reduce the energy used for heating and cooling the building. $194,000
LED lighting: Replacing the fluorescent lighting with LED technology would greatly reduce the energy used for lighting. $22,000
Seal the building: Seal roof and wall connections and replace door weather-stripping to reduce energy used for heating, cooling and dehumidifying. $5,000
Water conservation: Change the existing fixtures to reduce the amount of water used. $10,000
Install HVAC controls: Except for a single ventilation fan, the theater has no controls for ventilation. Adding modern controls would optimize the energy used for heating, cooling and ventilation. $70,000
Replace heating and cooling units: The air conditioner for the dressing rooms and the furnace for the lower level need replacing. $34,000
Replace the exterior digital sign: After 12 years of use, the digital sign on the building’s exterior south wall will need replacing. $25,000