City of Albert Lea Capital Improvement Plan

Upcoming Projects & Street Improvement Projects with Proposed Assessments

A five-year Capital Improvement Plan has been prepared that takes into consideration the implementation of policies and programs previously established by the City Council, the urgent need and necessity for certain projects, the appropriate sequence of construction of projects in relationship to other projects, and the capital expenditures necessary to carry on a balanced program.

The five-year Capital Improvement Plan allows the City to construct improvements in accordance with predetermined priorities that help stabilize tax rates while revealing the source and extent of funds needed in future years.

The scheduling of capital improvement projects allows the public to become aware of long-range municipal needs and provides a mechanism for coordination of projects both with one another and with the City’s long-range comprehensive plan.

The City Council annually adopts a five-year Capital Improvement Plan after reviewing, amending and extending the plan an additional year.

Below are the proposed 2023 – 2027 Capital Improvement Plans showing the streets that will be impacted by these projects. A portion of these projects is proposed to be assessed to the property owners on the street:


    2023 Capital Improvement Projects

    • 2023 Street Improvement Projects – Clark Street, Crossroads Boulevard, Fairlane Terrace, Foothills Circle, Frank Avenue, Happy Trails Lane, Lake Chapeau Drive, Marshall Street SE, Minnie Maddern Street, Newton Avenue, Spicer Road, Washington Avenue (click here for more details)
    • Bancroft Bay Park Upper/Lower Parking Lots
    • 5th Street – St John to Frank Hall; Frank Hall – 3rd to 5th Reconstruction
    • Aquatic Center Parking Lot

    2024 Capital Improvement Projects

    • 2024 Street Improvement Projects – Adams Avenue, Ermina Avenue, Euclid Avenue, Frank Avenue, Garfield Avenue, James Avenue, Oak Lane, St. Joseph Avenue, Washington Avenue, Water Street, William Street, Wood Park Lane (click here for more details)
    • Winter St – Fountain to Abbot Reconstruction Project
    • 7th Street – Broadway to James

    2025 Capital Improvement Projects

    • 2025 Street Improvement Projects – Blake Drive, Columbus Avenue, Happy Trails Lane, Hawthorne Street, Johnson Street, Maplehill Drive, Minnesota Avenue, Olsen Drive, Pillsbury Avenue, Ramsey Street, Service Road (S of E Main), Shellrock Road, Sheridan Street, St. Jacob Avenue, St. Peter Avenue, St. Thomas Avenue (click here for more details)