2023 Street Improvement Projects

Spicer Road – Fairlane to Foothills
Spicer Road – Fairlane to Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Spicer to Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Crestview to Spicer
Fairlane Terrace – Richway to Crestview
Foothills Circle – Fairlane to Fairlane
Minnie Maddern Street – Bridge to End
Spicer Road – End to Fairlane
Crossroads Boulevard – Betha Larson to 57′ E of TH65
Crossroads Boulevard – Ross to Beth
Crossroads Boulevard – End to Ross
Lake Chapeau Dr. – Brandon to End
Lake Chapeau Dr. – City Arena to Brandon
Frank Avenue – 2nd to James
Frank Avenue – 3rd to 2nd
Frank Avenue – 4th to 3rd
Frank Avenue – 5th to 4th
Frank Avenue – 6th to 5th
Frank Avenue – 7th to 6th
Happy Trails Lane – End to CSAH 46
Marshall Street SE – Prospect to Blake
Marshall Street SE – Blake to I-35
Marshall Street SE – I-35 to State Park Rd
Clark Street – West to St Mary
Clark Street – St Mary to Washington
Clark Street – Washington to Broadway
Clark Street – Broadway to Newton
Clark Street – Newton to Elezabeth
Clark Street – Elezabeth to Lake
Newton Avenue – Main to William
Newton Avenue – William to Clark
Washington Avenue – Main to Wiliam
Washington Avenue – William to Clark
Washington Avenue – Clark to Water
Washington Avenue – Water to Fountain