Automatic Water Bill Payment

It’s Automatic!

The City of Albert Lea offers an automatic payment plan for your Water & Sewer bill.

Worry-free. The Automatic Payment Plan makes paying your bills more convenient by taking the worry out of payment deadlines.

No Charge. The City does not charge for this service. You will have one less check to write and will save money on postage too.

When you enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan you will still receive your bills, but “AUTOMATIC WITHDRAWAL” will be indicated on them. All you need to do is remember to deduct that amount from your account on the due date of the bill.

Just fill out the form below and return it along with a voided check to the City of Albert Lea.

Automatic Water & Sewer Bill Payment Plan

I authorize the City of Albert Lea to deduct my water bill on its due date from my checking or savings account indicated below.

Please print:

Name _________________________________ Address _________________________________

City ___________________________________ State ______________ Zip Code _____________

Water Acct. No. _________________________ Phone No. ( ) ______________________

Bank Name _____________________________ Checking _____________ Savings ___________

Signed _________________________________ Date ____________________________________

Please returned a VOIDED CHECK with this form to: The City of Albert Lea
221 E. Clark St.
Albert Lea, MN 56007

For office use only

Customer No. ________________________________________ Date prenoted ______________