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2022 Street Improvement Projects

Fairlane Terrace – Kent to Briarwood
Fairlane Terrace – Kent to Briarwood
Fairlane Terrace – Garfield to Kent
Levisen Street – Kent to Columbus
Levisen Street – Garfield to Kent
Kent Avenue – Levison to Fairlane
Columbus Avenue – Hawthorne to Levison
Briarwood Drive – Fairlane to Crestview
Briarwood Drive – Garfield to Fairlane
Levisen Street – Columbus to Crestview
Crestview Road – Columbus to Levison
Crestview Road – Fairlane to Columbus
Columbus Avenue – Levison to Crestview
Foothills Blvd. – Spicer to Crestview
Foothills Blvd. – Fairlane to Spicer
Fairlane Terrace – Foothills to Garfield
Crestview Road – Garfield to Fairlane
Crestview Road – Foothills to Garfield
Crestview Road – Fairlane to Foothills
Spicer Road – Fairlane to Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Foothills to Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Spicer to Foothills
Fairlane Terrace – Crestview to Spicer
Fairlane Terrace – Richway to Crestview
Foothills Circle – Fairlane to Fairlane
Minnie Maddern Street – Bridge to End
Spicer Road – End to Fairlane
Garfield Avenue – Briarwood to Crestview
Garfield Avenue – Fairlane to Briarwood
Greenwood Drive – Green Lea to Bridge
Greenwood Drive – Bayview to Green Lea
Greenwood Drive – Bancroft to Bayview
Greenwood Drive – Richway to Bancroft