Dock permits offer access to Fountain Lake

The City of Albert Lea regulates the use and placement of docks, moorings, and other fixed or floating structures in public waters in order to promote the full use, safety, and enjoyment of Fountain Lake. It is unlawful for any person to build or place any dock, structure, buoy or obstruction upon, in or over the water of Fountain Lake from or on any public property or any property under the public control except as provided city ordinance.

The City of Albert Lea issues permits for 300-some docks on Fountain Lake to offer access for boating, fishing and other recreation. Dock permits are available for a fee for both people who live in Albert Lea and outside the community. The cost is $175 per season for Albert Lea residents and $225 for non-residents.

Dock permits are issued in this order:

  1. Homeowners with riparian rights, as defined by City Code, have first opportunity to rent the dock space tied to their property for each season. If they decline to rent that dock space, then it becomes available to the public.
  2. People who rented dock spaces have the opportunity to rent the same dock space the following year. These renters have until March 31 to submit their renewal applications for the season.
  3. Remaining dock spaces then open to the public for rental on a first-come, first-served basis.

Edgewater Marina

The Edgewater Marina includes a floating dock with four slip spaces. The marina is west of the walk-in gate near the parking lot at Edgewater Park.

There is a fee of $1,250 per slip for the season. The rental space is for a single watercraft. Docks are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. Once a dock space has been selected by the lessee, it will be assigned to that person until he/she fails to renew on the assigned dates coinciding with the Article II Dock Ordinance.

The fee is based on equipment costs in comparison of an individual purchasing a dock and the included cost of installation, removal, maintenance, storage and dock space fees.

The rental space provides a convenient location for watercraft owners on Fountain Lake who desire a dock but do not wish to have the expense to purchase, install, remove and maintain each year. Lessee of the slip is permitted to install one watercraft lift at the lessee’s expense adjacent to the dock although not attached to the dock which allows the floating dock to raise and lower with the water depth of the lake.

Please call the Parks and Recreation office at 507-377-4370 for more information.