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414 Commercial St.
Albert Lea, MN 56007

Our Equipment

The City of Albert Lea currently operates and maintains the following equipment:

3 trucks with sanders and reversible plows

7 trucks with sanders and reversible plows with wings

2 motor graders with wings

2 front-end loaders with reversible plows and wings

1 front-end loader with bucket

1 pickup with plow

1 one ton truck with sander and plow

1 pickup with brine applicator

2 snow blowers (front-end loader mounted)

Assortment of V-plows for front-end loaders or motor graders.

When equipment is disabled, every attempt shall be made to get the equipment operational as soon as possible. This may require the call-back of one of the service mechanics. When there is a loss of one or more pieces of equipment or personnel, others have to fill that gap; this in turn slows down the whole operation.