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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast will my street be plowed when it snows?

A: The decision as to when to plow streets is not taken lightly. The street superintendent has to decide when the snow is going to stop falling.

If it is snowing during daylight hours, only main streets and those near critical areas, such as schools, will be plowed until the snow has stopped.

If the snow stops in late afternoon or early evening, the entire city will be plowed with workers being called in at 2:00 A.M. In most cases all streets will be plowed by 10:00 A.M..

If it continues to snow during the night into early morning, crews will be called in at 4:00 A.M. and the streets will be plowed by 12:00.

Since it takes about 8 hours to plow the entire city, crews cannot start too early or parts would have to be plowed twice.

If you think your street has been missed, please contact us at 507 377-4377.

Q: What do I do if I feel a city plow has damaged my property?

Damage to mailboxes is the largest problem. Most of this damage is not from the plow itself, but the snow coming off the plow. Drivers must drive fast enough to throw the snow off of the street and this will sometimes cause damage to the mailbox. Sometimes the plow itself will hit and damage a mailbox.

City policy states that the city is only responsible for damage caused by the plow itself damaging the mailbox by contact. The superintendent will investigate and the city will fix the mailbox or will provide payment up to $50.00.

In the spring, the city will come out and repair any sod damage caused by plowing operations. This will be done by relaying upturned pieces of sod and placing black dirt and seed.

Please call us with concerns about plow damage. 507 377-3477.

Q: What are the white and yellow no parking signs on our street about?dscf29951

A: City crews place signs 24 hours in advance of snow hauling operations. The signs are put out a day in advance of when crews will be hauling excess snow off of residential streets. Vehicles still on the street can be ticketed and towed, so snow can be removed.