2020 Construction Projects

2020 Neighborhood Improvement Overlay & James Avenue Reconstruction Project (Job 2050)

This project involves a bituminous overlay of streets, including sidewalk and curb and gutter improvements in various parts of the City and a complete reconstructions of James Avenue.

Mill & Overlay
Sunset Street – Lake Chapeau Drive to 127 ft east of Meadow Lane
Campus Drive – Lake Chapeau Drive to the cul-de-sac
Campus Lane – Campus Drive to Trollwood Drive
Trollwood Drive – Sunset Street to Campus Lane
Meadow Lane – Sunset Street to Sunset Street
Seat24h Drive – Westwood Drive to C.R. 74
Westwood Drive – Ashley Court to Seath Drive
Hale Drive – Quisley Street to the cul-de-sac
Crystal Drive – Hale Drive to 134 ft south of Silver Lane
Silver Lane – Crystal Drive to the cul-de-sac
Quisley Street – Crystal Drive to Bridge Avenue
Plaza Street – 292 ft east of Bridge Avenue to Ekko Ave
Ekko Avenue – Sykes Street to Plaza Street
Frank Hall Drive – South Shore Drive to 7th Street
10th Street – Margaretha Avenue to Halverson Elementary School

Complete Reconstruction
James Avenue – 8th Street to 7th Street

See Quest CDN Bid No. 6861331 for bidding information

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Clark Street Reconstruction Project (Job 2051)

This project includes complete reconstruction of the roadway and utilities including the removal of the existing concrete and overlaid concrete pavements, repairs and replacement of the existing utility infrastructure including sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and watermain improvements, sidewalk replacement, and curb and gutter improvements along Clark Street from Ermina Avenue to First Avenue. The new street is proposed to be constructed using bituminous pavement.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 6917997 for bidding information

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Newton Avenue & College Street Parking Lot Reconstruction Project (Job 2052)

This project will involve the removal of the existing bituminous pavement, regrading of the existing aggregate base, and paving of the new bituminous surface. New sign posts, spot aggregate base reconstruction, and spot concrete sidewalk replacement will also take place where warranted.

See Quest CDN Bid No. 6947565 for bidding information

  • The contractor plans to begin the parking lot reconstruction Tuesday August 18, 2020. This parking lot will be closed off beginning Tuesday for approximately two weeks.
  • 8/21/20 – This week the contractor removed existing surface, installed the new storm structure and misc. concrete work along with the first bituminous lift. The contractor is expected to pave the 2nd lift Tuesday (8/25/20) followed by paint striping and misc. dirt work and seeding. The parking lot will remain closed throughout most of next week.
  • 8/28/20 – The contractor finished the 2nd lift of Bituminous on Thursday. The paint stripers are tentatively schedule to come in early next week to paint the parking stalls. The lot will remain closed until early next week.
  • 9/8/20 – Last week the contractor finished painting the parking stalls. The only work remaining is re-grading the NE corner and seeding behind the new concrete curb and sidewalk by the alley.