2021 Neighborhood Improvement Project Updates – Job 2101

9-17-21: The final lift of bituminous was placed on Michaelle Lane on Monday. All work is now complete except for minor punch list items.

9-9-21: This week the contractor returned to complete the work on Michaelle Lane. The existing pavement was removed, the aggregate base reshaped and regraded, and the first lift of new asphalt will be placed before the week’s end. Work next week will include adjusting manhole and water valve covers to the finished road level, and placement of the final lift of bituminous.

8-27-21: No work took place this week. Removal and replacement of the bituminous pavement on Michaelle Lane is tentatively scheduled for the week of September 7-10.

7-22-21: This week the contractor completed the bituminous edge milling on all streets. They placed the bituminous overlay on Stevens St, Wilson St, Waldorf Rd, and Kevin Dr. They plan to complete the bituminous overlay early next week.

7-16-21: The contractor performed the edge milling this week and will place the bituminous overlay on all streets next week.

6-2-21: The sodding subcontractor smoothed and prepped all areas disturbed by the concrete work. They hope to place the sod this week. The prime contractor does not have a set schedule for returning to complete the mill & overlay work.

5-21-21: No work took place this week. The contractor does not have a schedule set for returning to complete the mill & overlay work.

4-30-21: The contractor, Ulland Brothers, has not set a specific start date, but expects to begin work within the next 2 to 3 weeks with the concrete curb & gutter work.