2021 CIPP Sliplining Project Updates – Job 2105

October 28, 2021: The contractor completed the repairs to the collapsed liner between Dane Bay and Botsford Avenue. The only work remaining is turf restoration and minor punch list items.

October 14, 2021: No work was completed this week. The contractor will be digging to fix the collapsed liner between Dane Bay and Botsford Avenue late next week.

October 8, 2021: No work took place this week. A segment of the new liner in the line between Dane Bay and Botsford Avenue has sagged and will require digging to replace a portion of pipe to correct. They do not have a set schedule, but believe it will happen next week.

October 1, 2021: This week the contractor completed the last of the sliplining. There was one pipe segment where infiltrating water caused the new liner to sag. The contractor is working to cut out the failed sections and formulate a correction plan. All work should be completed by the end of next week.

9-24-21: Work this week consisted mainly of sliplining the sanitary sewer lines that run underneath the channel by the Front Street bridge and the line that runs through the backyard areas east of Frank Avenue between 2nd Street and James Avenue. Next week they will complete the work by installing the liner underneath Dane Bay.

9-17-21: The sliplining contractor returned this week to install the CIPP liner. They hope to have all the new liner installed by the end of the week.

7-16-21: This week the contractor removed the top sections of the manholes near the Shellrock River channel crossing in order to provide better access to install the liner in the larger sewer lines. Sliplining is tentatively scheduled for the week of July 26th.

6-18-21: This week the contractor, Municipal Pipe, cleaned and televised all the sewer lines that are to be sliplined. They do not have a schedule set for returning to install the liner.